CADlink Digital Factory 10

High quality colour printing for all needs.

Digital Factory 10


When you're trying to create difficult workflows and amalgamate them in to one central wide format print this is the perfect production hub. For producing print and cut production there is no better solution, combining high fidelity colour management and in RIP cuttong technology without external RIP. There's a full gamut of printers supported and of course most cutters. Software supports queues so that work is not stopped for print and cut jobs, and of course the jobs are accessible form the queues very easily for management. Print and Cut Production is suitable for any workflow requirement and will improve efficiency of production exponentially.

The CadLink entry level software that provides professional print, print and cut RIP software solution. Software that supports a single printer and cutter for workflows that are great for post print cutting on other cutting device but can also support a hybrid print-cut device too. Great value where budgetary cost is important.

A step up from the ebtry level software, this application supports multiple printers and multiple queues in any workflow scenario. Get exacting, accurate colour reproduction for setups that need singular or multiple printer support and output. Digital Factory Print can ne operated ina fully automatic mode for very high volume production work or in a manual mode for specialised jobs and solutions.

Digital Factory OKI™ Edition offers far more features than most other printer drivers or raster image processor software solutions. There is specialised colour management and print production software that has been specifically developed for the OKI white toner printers. The software supports all of the following OKI printers: C3xx Series, C6xx, C7xx, C8xx Series, C843 Series, C8432WT, Pro 7411WT, and Pro 9420WT.

The PolyPrint™ Apparel software allows you to achieve the best results on your TexJet shorTee, TexJet more, TexJet Echo, or TexJet Echo 2 output device. Manage and control your colour management and workflow production for maximum results.

The Digital Factory Apparel Ricoh™ Edition has been developed specifically for the Ricoh equipment. Achieve more control over your workflow with the combination of Ricoh hardware and Digital Factory Apparel Ricoh™ Edition. Its easy to achieve incredibly stunning and vibrant colours for graphics and perfect accuracy for photographic jobs with th Ricoh drivers provided in this application only from CADLink.