CADlink EngraveLab 10

EngraveLab simplifies the engraving production whether using laser or rotary machines.



EngraveLab V10 includes all of the very latest tools for designing and producing what you need and the ability to create for spindle based engraving equipment and even lasers.

Creating with EngraveLab Pro allows you to heve exceptional workflow that encompasses an exceptionally wide selection of work from just one application. In fact this application includes all of the features from other EngraveLab packages too as well as the best designing and production environment and even a full 3D preview and ability to import STL files. Also supported is 3D paths for carve tools, true shape nesting and even the ability for industry standard braille creation for signage.

Like the Pro version, Expert also supports older spindle-based engravers so it is easy to maximise the use of even older equipment that you might still have. The application includes many standard features such as text composition and of course the design and automatic production tools so throughput efficiency is improved through your shop in the most effective way there is. One of the many issues in shops includes the difficulty of importing many different file formats from customers but this application has you covered. There is also a very powerful interface thats capable of close integration to other designer applications that make things easy with very few issues or no issues as often found in pre-production. Of course, there's also a full Braille layout and design ability that includes the very latest braille translation libraries.

One of the important aspects of any engraving software is the ability to drive laser equipment easily and simply. This application includes support for near enough all laser engravers including Leetro - in the L edition, as well as Ruida control based machines. This is a stand alone application for designing and producing app that negates the use of other third party applications in most engraving shops. EngraveLab laser is the single application you need in your shop for design, layout, production, STL import of files with 3D preview, raster engraving and vector cutting. EngraveLab is the singular application that you can rely on to get the job completed in an efficient manner.

Now you can easily create photo conversions to laser output to a substantial number of types of materials. If you already use third party apps for design but need a more professional and consistent photo realistic output then PhotoLaser Plus is perfect. Users of Corel will be happy to know that there is a completely seamless file transfer option thats simple to use to convert images to grey scale so they are ready for the laser. Of course, like in other EngraveLab apps theres also basic text entry and design tools in the app and other specific tools like our variable data badges support feature.

If you need extra design capability, we offer DesignPro, which is a low cost design station so that operators can prepare files for final output. This application includes all of the general features that EngraveLab Pro has, but does not include device drivers. If you want to increase productivity but are limited somewhat in the number of design stations then DesignPro is the answer you have been looking for.