CADlink ProfileLab 10

Application software for CNC routing and precision machining.


CNC machining could not be easier with CadLink ProfileLab made specifically for the task. There's no real learning curve and the application supports extensive 2D toolpath functionality and other capabilities.

One of the great features of ProfileLab is the extensive range of outputs that the software supports including many flatbed machines like engravers, routers, CNC machines in many languages like G-code, HPGL or other formats. And milling, cutting out ofparts and drilling becomes easy with the toolpathing features. Other benefits include the high efficiency of the sorting order in this software for maximised overall efficiency.

Creating custom logo's, graphics or even beveled lettering can be achieved from just a few very easy steps for incredible results.

And by using the ProfileLab 3D application then 3D text and graphics can be output quickly and efficiently. There's a multiple tool support which can be used to make both raised and flat bottomed text and graphics. Within the software there are very powerful tool path algorithms that can create beveled text and graphics too.

ProfileLab can be used for many applications but whatever you are working on in CNC custom work then ProfileLab has got you covered. A very comprehensive piece of software that can increase productivity and throughput through your operation... try it now!