CADlink SignLab 10 For Sign Making

Professional sign making software designed to help sign makers create any type of sign or poster easily, effectively, and quickly with the highest quality results whether cutting, print-cut or other work.



Print and Cut has been designed specifically to create the best results when you're making digitally printed vinyl cut or print and cut signs. The SignLab visual production manager allows simple file transfers from all design programs like Corel Draw, Photoshop (all including cloud) as well as Illustrator from Adobe software. Create multiple print jobs and queues easily outputting to almost all printers on the market; cutters and hybrid devices are also easy and include many of the best brands out there like Gerber, Mutoh, Roland, HP, Epson, Canon and many other leading brands.
Its also possible to use the SignLab as a bitmap and vector design studio and production platform that operates so that you can use just one user interface for multiple production processes which over time can contribute to better efficiency.

The image processing speed along with creation, own design in-house resulting in the highest quality products with SignLab use makes the application one of the best ways to work with incredibly efficient work paths, saving time on every job you create.

Cadlink has had vinyl pro as part of the software solution for over 20 years, but the latest version has an all inclusive signage design and production solution that is superior to all other competitive applications out there. Create full colour graphics that you can easily outsource if you create wide format digital work that's ultimately for printed signs. There is a complete set of software tools that allow for simple design tools not found on other applications and of course those advanced features when you need them. Large format graphic printing or print and cut work is a cinch! Using vector tools could not be simpler. If you're making vinyl cut signage and/or essential bitmap tools that are designed specifically for wide format or graphic printing digitally created yourself then subcontracting the job will be far easier than you might think. SignLab even has a number of plugins for the software that can be used by Photoshop, Corel Draw and Illustrator to 'send to SignLab'. What's more, these plugins are automatically installed for use - no more difficult installation process!

Imagine having a design package that integrates design and production workstation with many tools like composition of text, design and layout, production tools and a massive selection of cutter drivers so that when you need those drivers it's unlikely you can drive most cutters. And the great thing is, we offer full support when you need it. For integrated design features AND capabilities like nesting, power weeding, emailing customers proof of the job by email and many more tools there is no better application. Installation and configuration of this application and all of the fantastic tools available is fully supported, but to be honest, this app is so easy to use you might not need to use the support we offer.

Using some software for designing can be really hard and difficult, but not so with SignLab design pro. This is a full stand alone application that is focussed on use by signmakers. If you already use SignLab then this interface will be like an old friend, somehow familiar and good to see. Many other packages are not signmaker specific and can be very confusing. Similar in many ways to vinyl pro, but with the specific tools that designers need. As a workstation specifically for design work this is hard to better, and having that familiar SignLab interface makes things simple when you're basing your business on one brand. Theres no real additional learning phase. Importing files from DesignPro in to the complete SignLab software that can utilise the output to digital printers or vinyl cutters makes the efficiencies of staff improve dramatically. DesignPro also is able to export completed files directly to a software RIP-only and then go to print or print cut. The application includes a number of specialised software tools, ability to design, composition for text and layout tools that will undoubtedly put in your hands the sort of equipment that has been designed from the ground up to make your business grow all in a simple usability package.